Policies and Procedures


Welcome to Coastal Speech Therapy, Inc. - we're glad you're here!

We are excited to be working with and learning more about you and your family. There are a few things we'd like you to know about us, too.

The Coastal Speech Therapy, Inc. Team

We have a dynamic team of clinicians who love working with children with a broad range of diagnoses, abilities and developmental levels. Our clinicians truly are a collaborative team, and we're happy to bring you on board as the newest member of that team! Together, we will strive to ensure all of your child's needs are met in a comfortable, child and family-centered way.

Because we understand the importance of treating the whole child, we may ask about your child's school placement and performance, and other therapies and services they receive.

Other Details

  • Homework: Because we believe in family centered therapy and because we want your child to carry their new skills over to home and school, we often implement homework programs. It is important that you and your child complete any homework together.
  • Financial Information: Coastal Speech Therapy Inc. accepts credit card, cash and check for payment.
  • Cancellations: Consistent attendance and practice is crucial for a successful therapy program. Therefore, cancellations made less than 24 hours before a scheduled treatment session will result in a $50 fee if they cannot be re-scheduled that week.

Policies and Procedures

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Payment for speech and language services will be processed the first week following the month of services. A receipt of payment will be emailed to you once payment is processed. If paying by check or cash then payment is due on the final session of the month. Payment can be given to your therapist directly. Please make checks payable to Coastal Speech Therapy, Inc.

You are responsible for all costs/ fees that your insurance company does not cover.
Coastal Speech Therapy, Inc. currently contracts with several insurance companies. However, in the event that your insurance provider or health plan determines our services to be “not covered,” you will be responsible for all outstanding charges. All payments are due upon receipt of a statement from Coastal Speech Therapy, Inc.

If you would like to seek reimbursement for services and we are not contracted with your insurance company, a superbill can be provided upon request.

A 1.5 % interest charge will be added to 30-days past due accounts. Accounts over 90 days past due will be turned over to a reputable collections agency. If you terminate therapy for any reason, you will be responsible to pay all outstanding costs and fees immediately.

Our therapists prepare ahead of time specifically for your child’s session.

It is our policy to charge $50 to clients who do not provide 24 hours notice for cancellations.
We do realize that children wake up sick from time to time. In this event, parents should call their therapist on or before 9:00 am the day of your child’s appointment. If the call is received later than 9:00 am you will be responsible to pay a cancellation fee of $50.

Medical insurance does not cover cancelled or missed appointments. In emergency situations (earthquake, motor vehicle accident, etc.) we do not require any notice and will not bill the client for the cancelled appointment. Three un-cancelled “no shows” are grounds for termination of treatment.

That being said, if your child is sick, please keep him/her home. Children who are not feeling well will not do well in therapy. If the child is not contagious and is in good spirits, you can bring them to therapy!

During therapy, parents are encouraged to observe and/or participate in the session when appropriate. Your child’s session ends five minutes before the allotted time for a 30-minute session and ten minutes before for a 60-minute session to allow you time to catch up on their progress and be updated on their homework.

I consent to the electronic transfer of patient health information via email to/from Coastal Speech Therapy, Inc.

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